Design and Engineering

In order to offer its customers a satisfactory service, in line with regulatory and technological developments, STOMA offers dedicated design services for:
• Detailed engineering with the implementation of technolog-
ical solutions developed indoors;
• Design of fluid systems and storage facilities;
• Static and dynamic structural calculations with the method
of finite element;
• Work in progress and graphic restoration preparatory to the

Engineering process developed by the STOMA group integrates a team of external collaborators specialized in niche subjects:
• Automation of process phases;
• Feasibility studies;
• Preparation of technical supply documentation.

STOMA uses modeling software that allows three-dimensional simulation and process verification in static and dynamic conditions. The processes and solutions proposed are selected according to the specific needs of the Customer, oriented to the specificities of the same.


Industrial machines and plants

Construction of industrial machines / Manufacturing of industrial plants. The Stoma Group produces big mechanical machines of extreme precision. The realization of the machineries is either developed internally or commissioned by the customer.

In particular Stoma manufactures the following products:
• Segments and segments support frames
• Pinch Rolls
• Moulds and oscillator
• Industrial Cars
• Other machines, products ans spare parts


Wind turbines

Designed and produced entirely by STOMA ENGINEERING at their Massafra plant, the 60KW, 100KW and 200KW Wind Turbine Generators of the STOMA brand represent the most advanced technology in the sector of wind power generation available today.
Cutting-edge features of all STOMA wind turbine generators are the triple-blade rotors with a large diameter and able to guarantee electricity production with wind speeds as low as 2.5m/s, achieving nominal power output with wind speeds of 9.0m/s (60KW), 9.6m/s (100KW) and 9.4m/s (200KW).

The aerodynamics of the rotor, built with high-efficiency blades and a supporting structure with minimal overall dimensions, guarantees a low noise performance.
Active/passive variable pitch systems of the blades and of the rotating fifth yawing, ensure a highly safe performance even in strong wind and turbulent conditions.
The choice of high quality mechanical and electrical components supplied by the best European companies, not only guarantees a very high output which is among the best on the market, but also reliability, durability, reduced maintenance and ultimately, lower plant management costs.


Packing and transport

As part of the "turnkey" strategy of its production activity, the company Stoma Group carries out the design and construction service for the packaging, the loading / unloading of the products, the realization of the insulation with barrier bags and the handling of products ready for transport.


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